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Preparing for the Lunar New Year – 2023 

    The Year of The Rabbit

    By V. Killian on November 29, 2022

    When is the Lunar New Year holiday 2023?

    The Lunar New Year is typically seven days long in China but can differ from country to country. The dates change yearly because the festival is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. So in 2023, it is from January 21st to Jan.27th. The Chinese lunar calendar 2023 shows that the Chinese New Year 2023 will begin on Lunar New Year’s Eve, also known as Spring Festival Eve, on Sunday, January 22nd, 2023. The celebration will continue until the Lantern Festival, which will happen on February 5th, 2023, the sixth day of the first lunar month. 

    How will the Chinese New Year holiday impact transportation and logistics services? 

    The Chinese New Year holiday is a time for family reunions. In some cases, the holiday period may allow for extended time off for workers. Many people travel across China back to their hometowns to visit their parents and relatives. It is common for factories to release workers from their duties as early as the middle of January. The travel rush, or Spring Festival Migration, occurs during the weeks before and after the Chinese New Year. Typically workers resume work after Lantern Festival. Previous holidays in China have allowed minimal travel due to the COVID zero policy to avoid the potential of COVID outbreaks. However, it does appear that restrictions are easing due to fewer COVID outbreaks in China. 

    How will the Lunar New Year 2023 impact ground logistics? 

    It is common for truck drivers to also return to their hometowns. Therefore, during the lunar new year period, there is a lack of resources to pick up and deliver goods for export and import. This usually begins around two weeks before the official holiday on January 22nd this year. 

    How will the Lunar New Year 2023 impact navigation of Ocean carriers this season? 

    Chinese New Year factory shutdowns may not impact supply chains as significantly as they have done in previous pre-COVID years now that most factories have forecasting data that allows them to plan ahead. Ocean carriers have yet to announce their plans for the holiday. In the past there would be blank sailings from the latter half of the public holiday to the 2nd week after the holiday. It is good planning to complete all paperwork required for scheduling and loading of urgent shipments before January 2023 so those can be secured at port prior to the start of the holiday migration.

    How will the Air freight sector be impacted by the Lunar New Year 2023? 

    During the Lunar New Year holiday period, customs officials are typically on duty for half a day every day. Customs officials are not available to conduct customs inspection. Any cargo that is randomly picked for inspection, the shipment could be held at the airport until inspection is completed after the holiday. It would be wise not to import cargo just a few days before or during the holiday to avoid incurrence of unnecessary storage or detention fees caused by customs formalities or other issues rendering the shipment unable to cleared. For urgent shipments, early preparation and communication is crucial from all parties to ensure a timely delivery and to avoid missing the window for shipping before holiday shut downs take place. 

    Tips for Lunar New Year 2023 

    Manufacturing facilities in China usually close their doors to allow employees time to enjoy festivities with their family and friends. Plan ahead to maximize the benefit of transport scheduling and cost.

    Production times may need to be extended due to a reduced amount of employees on-site during the festive period, You should allow for longer production times as well as an increased amount of time to receive your quotations.

    Considering supply chain disruption may continue to create problems for many of those moving goods from China to both Europe and the US. It is best to plan early for the Chinese New Year holidays.